Saturday, October 20, 2012

Watch out for the knitting machine!

After posting about baby knits I just could not help myself and picked up the needles made a pair of bunny booties for the baby and realised I really have to get moving on finishing my cardigan. Firstly I have to say how much I love Julie Crawford's designs, they are just so elegant and simple - there is nothing granny about knitting when you take a look through her creations. I previously made her Make Up Your Mind Tank top which was so quick and looked amazing after you got past the pain of the Hindu Pillar stitch (it's worth the pain!) it's the perfect beach cover top or layered over a long tank with jeans. So when I first got pregnant I just couldn't resist knitting myself another winter woolie (I knitted my first sweater in Feb this year Corona by Teresa Gregorio in Cascade Venezia  Worsted in a delectable rich purple), maybe it was my over confidence on how well that sweater turned out or the realisation that I have no sweater capable of containing my swelling belly but I searched Ravelry like a hound dog out for blood and....I found Velvet Morning, Julie Crawford had once again astounded me with yet another perfect knit. A slouchy, drapey  and colourfully comfortable cardigan. And that is not the best part I commented on her design on ravelry and prompt as always Julie replied with this;

"Awesome! You’ll love it, I wore it all winter while I was pregnant, it was great to through over long-sleeved maternity tees. And it’s so nice to have a knit that you can wear both pregnant and not! I’m still looking forward to wearing it this winter."

That was all the motivation I need and I mowed through it tirelessly till I hit a knitters wall...I was all knitted out and with another request to make a scarf from our buddy Tim, my sweater sat in my craft box for well over a month. Till yesterday when I picked it back up - so where am I now? I finished the one sleeve I had been working on and I am proud to say I am on the last part my second sleeve! I can tell you right now I have no immediate plans for another fair isle project any time soon. But projects are starting to queue, mostly baby stuff like an adorable cabled bunting for Genevieve and request for another beanie from hubby, I might have to browse my favourite online yarn haunts soon. ;)

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